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Full Service Landscaping Services

Edens Touch Diversified, LLC serves commercial and  municipal  entities throughout the DFW area and we are committed to providing the ABSOLUTE best service to our clients. From general commercial maintenance, to complete commercial installation, we are the right fit for your project. Your          vision is our priority!! From traditional landscapes to exotic styles, we    are able to install and maintain even the most eccentric of them all!

Innovation At Its Best

Give us your vision and we will bring your vision to life using the the newest cutting-edge landscape technology more bland, 2-D sketches. We will not only build your design in "full-color", 2-dimensional computer generated renderings, but will take you on a complete 3-D walk through tour! This gives our clients the ability to edit and modify the design before the actual installation-saving time and money on the desired project. Need professional landscape lighting installed and need to see it in advance? Not a problem...let us give you a full walk-through at night on the computer and you can see exactly where the lighting should be and how it will cast light and illuminated the area. With your vision and our technology, no landscape design is impossible!

Ponds and Water Features

Dream of having your own Zen space! A place to relax and just hear the sound  of the water trickling over the rocks. Edens Touch can create your very own water utopia- both commercial and residential. Edens Touch will build to suit any type water feature you desire. From pondless streams to stocked ponds! Or, is your existing pond more like a puddle and in need of an overhaul and full silt clean out to get it back to the depths it once was. Our guys can re-shape, achieve your desired depth, or simply start from scratch with just your vision...either way, Edens Touch is the company to make the vision a reality!!

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